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10 years of system delivery experience in systems utilizing the data collected from external systems in Finland and abroad
(for instance ABB, Metso, Voith, Honeywell, SAP, Microsoft, Nokia, Google and Apple).

2010 Wireless access control implementation. Mobile device and server system solution. Volume 45 000 transactions per week.

2010 Design, implementation and deployment of three intranet-/extranet-system on the ResComi server platform.

2009 Design and implementation of barcode based data collecting system for two retail chains.
Target volume 4,5 million transactions per year. Bluetooth reader, mobile phone, GPRS network and server system solution.

2007 Implementation of information system for retail chain (ordering and supply chain management, stock management and inventory control).
Active products 150 000 pcs.

2004 Requirements specification for logistics and operation control between production plant and harbor.

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by Dr. Radut.