Welcome to ResComi

Our employees enjoy themselves and have a long work history. We can each get things done from start to finish and see the results of our own work. The community is strong and you will get help from your colleagues.

With us you can influence your own area of work, and everyone experiences success through their own strengths. In addition, you can learn new things from challenging projects. We have many international projects, fortunately travel is limited with the aid of remote working tools.

We want you to be a Backend or Frontend developer in Raahe or Oulu

Your responsibilities will include the development of digital services and the design of large-scale information systems.
We value performance in previous jobs, software development skills and cloud service expertise. Frontend development can be accelerated with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java or React skills, and Backend with Java, C #, Node, PHP or database skills. If necessary, we will strengthen your skills through training.

We offer employees interesting work tasks, an inspiring work community and excellent opportunities for competence development.

Send a brief description of yourself, your CV, your last diploma, your salary request and contact information to:
We invite some applicants for an interview.

More information

More information on weekdays from 2 pm to 4 pm Raimo Seikkala tel. +358 40 748 0311.