It all started with mobile phone software

ResComi Oy was founded by Fortel Invest Oy's Juha Sipilä and Raimo Seikkala on May 6, 1999. The company name ResComi is associated with early-stage object-oriented programming and software reusability. The name is made from the initial letters of the words Reusable Software Components for Telecommunications.

The establishment of the company involved the sale of Raahe TH-Elektroniikka Oy, a contractor manufacturing company owned by Tauno Husu in Raahe, to the PKC Group Oyj in December 1998. Raimo Seikkala, who worked as TH's Deputy CEO in connection with the acquisition, transferred to Fortel Invest owned by Juha Sipilä, from which ResComi Oy was then established. The founders of the company had previous cooperation when TH-Elektroniikka manufactured RF components for Solitra in the 1990s.

ResComi's operations began in Raahe in 1999 and in Oulu in 2000 with development projects for mobile phone software and telecommunications operators. The company has more than 20 years of experience in cooperating with the world's most important mobile brands in the field of mobile software. With long experience, the company has gained a reputation as a reliable and international IT partner.

E-commerce and industrial systems

Alongside mobile device projects, the development of e-commerce solutions was started, and the first extensive system was the ticket sales system developed for the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival in 2003. With the development of electronic services, the company developed strong development expertise in servers, server platforms, databases and applications.

The company strengthened its client base by launching a partnership with the domestic paper and engineering industry in 2004. The IT solutions were based on the company's strong system expertise. Various applications are used to improve the productivity, logistics efficiency, quality productivity and occupational safety management of industrial companies.

Fortel Invest Oy decided to separate from the telecommunications industry and switch to environmental technologies in 2007, when Juha Sipilä's 20% stake in Fortel was transferred to Seikkala.

After Nokia Mobile Phones Oy closed down in Oulu in 2014, ResComi decided to seek new growth in IT system integration deliveries. The company has extensive experience in integration platforms and integration solutions from MuleSoft, BizTalk, IBM Integration Bus, Boomi, Azure Logic Apps & Functions, InterSystems, SAP NetWeaver and MQ Series.

With more than 20 years of experience, the company specialises in digital solutions, industrial IT integrations, healthcare IT integrations, and cloud service solutions, including maintenance services for all of these.

ResComi today

ResComi is a technology provider whose services fashion and mould digital solutions, integrations, interfaces and cloud solutions into a compatible whole.

We are happy to develop total solutions for demanding and new types of system targets, where our special expertise can be fully utilised. The delivery of total business-critical solutions typically consists of the following steps:

  • Preliminary study and requirement specifications
  • Technology mapping and architectural design
  • Project planning
  • Implementation planning
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance phase services

Our company's extensive technology expertise makes us a highly desirable partner from small technology studies to large-scale deliveries of total system solutions that last for years.

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