Healthcare integrations

Improving the efficiency of health care operations requires both the improvement of the actual care processes and the development of various support functions. An essential part of this success is the integration solutions developed for the special needs of social and health care.

ResComi's healthcare integration solutions help staff leverage the data from different systems and different units within the organisation.

With ResComi's diverse integration experience, we provide the integration solutions best suited for your healthcare needs with InterSystems, Microsoft's BizTalk or MuleSoft. Our long-term experience of hundreds of integrations guarantees high-quality and reliable solutions.


Healthcare integrations

Integration Development in specialised medical care

This project implemented the specialised medical care requirements as specified by the client. The integration development utilised existing graphical functions and integrations of InterSystem’s Ensemble and HealthShare integration platforms.
Healthcare integrations

Adding FHIR functionality to the patient information system

The project’s goal was to implement FHIR functionality in the patient information system. FHIR was used to speed up data transfer and acquire new clients for the patient information system, who required FHIR functionality.
Healthcare integrations

Financial data retrieval

In the Ensemble integration of financial data, the bank's daily financial data was retrieved from the server using the SOAP protocol and converted to an XML file. The input data provided, specified the desired format for the message returned by the web service.