Adding FHIR functionality to the patient information system

The project’s goal was to implement FHIR functionality in the patient information system. FHIR was used to speed up data transfer and acquire new clients for the patient information system, who required FHIR functionality.

FHIR functionality was added to the existing patient information system using InterSystems' IRIS integration tool. This enabled patient data to be retrieved and edited using FHIR calls.

The implementation of FHIR in the patient information system enabled data to be synchronized with the internal FHIR Resource Repository of IRIS using the REST interfaces of the patient information system. FHIR searches are directed to the FHIR Resource Repository for processing.

The implemented solution used the existing FHIR functionality within IRIS which made it possible to offer a wide range of FHIR features.

During development, an FHIR Server Endpoint was added to listen for FHIR calls. Additionally, a process was created that monitors changes in the resources of the patient information system, converting the new resources into FHIR resources and storing them in the FHIR Repository.

The project defined rules by which searches are dispatched directly to the FHIR Server and resulting changes are converted into REST calls to the patient information system.

During the development work, a test user interface was implemented to further test and simulate the FHIR interface.

The FIHR implementation enables the use of OAuth2, thus improving the data security of the patient information system.