Integration Development in specialised medical care

This project implemented the specialised medical care requirements as specified by the client. The integration development utilised existing graphical functions and integrations of InterSystem’s Ensemble and HealthShare integration platforms.

The messages to be transferred moved between the source and target systems in xml, pdf and HL7 file formats, using HTTP and SFTP protocols. The development work combined two server environments and message re-routing was implemented.

The Ensemble and HealthShare integrations received messages from their servers which were passed from the integrations' internal message queues either directly or through a router and converter to the client's servers. The message conversions were implemented using the ObjectScript programming language.

All unit, integration and acceptance testing used the functionality of the Ensemble and HealthShare platforms.

Error situations were resolved using the Ensemble and HealthShare platforms' existing graphical functions, which, among other things, monitored message traffic and re-sent messages from message queues.

Both during testing and after transfer into production, the operation of the integrations was monitored using the versatile monitoring functions provided by the Ensemble and HealthShare platforms. The integrations were documented on the Wiki site for Ensemble and HealthShare platforms with integrated automation.

The end result was a tested integration that meets with client requirements and is in production use.